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The Mediterranean diet

The Almonds are fundamental in the mediterranean diet, known for being healthy and balanced due to their rihness in nutrients like the calcium and oily, that gives a big number of healthy properties. The Almonds help the regeneration of the nervous system and are a good intestinal antiseptic thanks to its high energetic and proteinic value.

Properties of the Almonds

The Almonds possess a higt content monosaturated oily acids. Contain sgnificant quantities of vitamin E (24 mg.). Are very energetic and a good source of fiber. The Almonds are one of the richest not animal sources containing Calcium. they help to reduce Cholesterol.

The Almounds are a fundamental element to avoid the heart diseases, to improve the blood stream and the intestines health. The Almonds contain levels of antioxidant (vitamins and phenolic) in quantities similar to some fruits and vegetables, it is demonstrated that the antioxidant ones of Almonds reduce the LDL oxidation.

The recommendation of taking Almonds (around a handful, approximately 23 Almonds) is an exellent source of vitamin Ey and magnesium, and offers proteins, fiber, monosaturated healthy fats, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Our nougat has 70% of Almonf Marcona. A piece of nougat a day supposes a healthy habit.


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