we are part of the route of the Emblematic in Barcelona with over 100 years of tradition

Turrones La Campana


  • torro-1
    Truffed with 70% Cocoa of Guayaquil. Delight yourself with this incredible savour.
  • torro-2
    Chocolate with Marcona Almonds. Also without milk or with Hazelnuts.
  • torro-3
    Sweetmeat with Sesame Nougat. Creaking of caramelized Marcona Almonds.
  • torro-4
    Scum Nuts and Pistachio nougat. Perfectly combined dried fruits.
  • torro-5
    Marzipan with Fruit nougat. Combination of Marzipan and Crystallized fruit.
  • torro-6
    Nougat of Cononut with Chocolate. Incredible combination.
  • torro-7
    Coconut Nougat. The most tender Marzipan with natural Coconut.
  • torro-8
    Nougat of Yema Quemada (Burnt Yolk). Simply insuperable!
  • torro-9
    Alicante Nougat. Exquisite Almond Marcona with honey, and also without sugar.
  • torro-10
    Jijona Nougat. Tradition and excellence and also without sugar.
  • torro-11
    Dry floury sweets. Immense pleasure and also without sugar.
  • torro-12
    Stuffed almonds of stoned nougat.
  • torro-13
    Marzipan small figures. Sweet bits with the best Almonds.
  • torro-14
    Pastry Glory. Delicious morsel of Marzipan.
  • torro-15
    Pastry Yolk. Delicious morsel with yolk of egg.
  • torro-16
    Sugared almonds. Almonds Marcona of the best quality covered of sugar.
  • torro-17
    Sugared almonds Covered with Chocolate. Almonds Marcona covered with Chocolate and also Hazelnuts.
  • torro-18
    Almonds caramelized Marcona. Irresistible.
  • torro-19
    Almonds Marcona Garrapiñadas. Almonds with a touch of sugar and cinnamon.


Jijona Granulado’s nougat
Jijona Refinado’s nougat
Jijona’s nougat without sugar
Nougat of Alicante
Nougat of Alicante without sugar
Nougat of Neutral Yolk
Nougat of Burnt Yolk
Nougat of Coconut
Nougat of Coconut bathed with Chocolate
Nougat of Marzipan without Fruit
Nougat of Marzipan with Fruit
Nougat of Scum Nuts
nougat of Scum Nuts and Pistachio
Nougat of Sweetmeat with Sesame


Dry floury sweets of Almond
stuffed almonds of stoned Nougat
Pastry of Yolk
Gloria’s pastry
Small figures of Marzipan
Assortiment of Marzipans

(with Chocolate, with Orange, with Cinnamon, with coffee…)

Bread of Cadiz
Alcoy’s sugared almonds
Almonds Candied with Cinnamon
Caramelized almonds
Pine Nuts covered with sugar
Overcast almonds of Chocolate
Overcast hazelmuts of Chocolate
Catánias, Macadamias, Glazed fruits
Assorted Chocolates
Rolled wafers and Jams Artesanas

We sell our Sweets by weight.


70% Cocoa of Guayaquil
Nougat natural truffled 70% Cocoa
Truffled nougad with Whisky
Truffled nougat with Cointreau with Orange
Nougat of Praline with Almonds and Hazelnuts
Truffed nougat with Raspberry
Nougat Trufado of Pineapple and Coconut
Nougat Trufado with toast corn

The truffled nougat have the unique format approximately 400 grams.


Nougat of Chocolate with Milk and Almonds
Nougat of Chocolate without Milk and Almonds
Nougat of Chocolate with Milk and Hazelnuts
Nougat of Chocolate without Milk and Hazenuts
Nougat of White Chocolate and Almonds
Nougat of Chocolte 70% Cocoa Guayaquil with Almond
Nougat of Chocolte 70% Cocoa Guayaquil with Hazelnut

We sell our Nougats in two formats, short bar and large bar. This Nougat it is also sold by weight

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